2017 Glasto Clean Up crew

2017 Glasto Clean Up

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The 2017 Glasto Clean Up began before anyone even left

For a number of years, it’s now been the normality for some to just dump all their stuff and leave without a thought.

The festivals mantra as been ‘Love the Farm, Leave No Trace’, but for some, this just doesn’t sink in.

With the rain I thought I would have a look at the BBC Webcam and see how it’s affecting breakdown of things.
I got a shock.

While not looking as bad as previous years, clearly again people think it’s acceptable to just leave everything behind. It’s not fair on those who remain on site to clear up, it’s not fair on the animals as it delays them getting back to where they belong, it’s just wrong.

Other Stage

Pennards Hill

These are the images from near the Other Stage

You can clearly see tents have been dumped

However, litter pickers have even been out today, in the rain!

So many out in the Pyramid field, and I thought it was clear already.

Now other tasks can begin, like recycling sorting.

Thousands of tons of rubbish will be sorted for recycling over the next few weeks.

We’ll post info on how to volunteer for the 2019 Litter Pick Team when it’s made available

Foo Fighters sat on Pyramid Stage

Radiohead, Foo Fighters & ???

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Foo Fighters were confirmed as headliners for the Pyramid Stage on Saturday night of Glastonbury 2017

After some people received airline tickets from the band for a non-existent airline, the date on the ticket came and went and nothing happened. But 2 days later, all was revealed, a secret gig to be played in a cafe, in Frome (not that far from the festival site). Of all places…Frome?

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Glastonbury Festival 2017 Registration Information

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Glastonbury Festival 2017 takes place between Wednesday June 21st and Sunday June 25th.

If you plan to attempt to buy tickets for the festival and have not registered before (or not registered since 2013) then you will need to register with Seetickets.

Important Information

The Seetickets Website is the ONLY place where you can buy tickets.

Any other website selling tickets is selling you a fake ticket.

All tickets are printed with the picture of the person that bought the ticket.

Buying another person’s ticket and trying to gain access to the festival is highly likely to lead to you not getting in.

If you have previously registered and want to look up your details/change any information then click here.

If no details can be found or your photo is no longer a good likeness, please fill out a new registration.