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Radiohead, Foo Fighters & ???

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Yesterday, after a rather odd promo, Foo Fighters were confirmed as headliners for the Pyramid Stage on Saturday night of Glastonbury 2017

After some people received airline tickets from the band for a non-existent airline, the date on the ticket came and went and nothing happened. But 2 days later, all was revealed, a secret gig to be played in a cafe, in Frome (not that far from the festival site). Of all places…Frome?

Actually, it was not really a secret, the cafe had to make an announcement the previous day for people to NOT come to the gig as it was for private ticket holders only.

Before the set, a video of the band sat on the Pyramid stage, with no covering on it, chatting away to Michael and Emily, revealing that they are indeed the Saturday night headliners.

The band went on to play for over 2 hours, with the entire gig streamed on their website, Facebook and Periscope, for free.

Their announcement comes not long after Radiohead also announced that they are the Friday headliners (I am now looking for any way to go, but with no cash it may be fun). They did this by….well, look at the image below.

Radiohead announcing Pyramid headline SlotSo, this does leave the question of who is playing the Sunday night slot.

Pink Floyd have been mentioned once or twice before but I doubt this.

How about Ed Sheeran? Green Day?

This may not be far from the truth.

In the BBC’s original article about the Foo Fighters announcement, it mentioned that both Ed and Green Day are due to play the festival. The article has since been updated with the following.

A previous version of this story mistakenly said Ed Sheeran and Green Day have also been confirmed. This is an error and was not based on any official sources.

Yeah, ok BBC, I believe you.

As to headliners….Maybe for the Other Stage, but not on the same level of Radiohead or Foo’s. So who will it be?

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