Each day, except Monday, has a series of images as well as videos. Each picture is clickable to a larger version and in higher quality

This years build up seems to begin just as it did last year. Registration began and this year there is a tick box so that registration can be saved until 2010 – no need to re-register.

Registration closes and ticket day looms – and it takes ages to get our tickets when it finally does, but once in the system it seems to go smoothly, however, with so many people hitting the site, the servers seem to go down occasionally when putting in final details or trying to confirm tickets have been bought.

However – things are not as they had seemed, tickets are still available for all types (including the new train package) late in the day.

Even on the Monday after t-day tickets are still available – this is odd, but with the headline announcement, many are saying it’s no surprise, lots of people are saying they’ve been put off by the weather.

A month later – tickets for all types are still available – this must be worrying the festival. And it is, credit card sales are now allowed at no extra cost, and with less than a month left, tickets go on sale in a few HMV branches.

One week left and there are still normal tickets left and once the festival starts they sell off Sunday day tickets to sell out – the last ticket sold at 2pm on Friday


Well, we set off at 5.30 and got to half a mile from site at 8.15, this is good I feel as gates have just opened.

How wrong could I be?

First time there has been a queue for the car park for me. Ok, that’s cool, just parking is slow

Fuck that, they flipping send everyone into E1 rather than starting at E11 and using the rest as overflow. Because of this, everyone is going through PGB, not PGC which is a hell of a lot quicker. This causes a huge queue to get to the gate. Eventually get wristband at 11.10 – 3 hours after getting so close.

Get to camp spot and it’s near full already. Tent takes ages to set-up as ground where we are is so stony.

Finally set-up and have a beer and relax for a while.

Off for a wander and go around the market. End up in Jazz World and have 3 pints of various flavours of pear cider each. Rather merry then continue and buy a few bits.

Back to the tent, small fire (and the only one of thr weekend) and then to bed.


Wake up with the larks at 7.30.

Find breakfast about 11.30 and grab yet another 2 pints of pear cider from the brothers bar.

Off to board meet at 3pm (Thank you soooo much WNC), it’s fantastic to see everyone again and chill with a beer and some food.

6pm and up at the stone circle for the Vloody Cloody wacky races – fantastic idea they had there, great turn out, so many racers. The course laid out, off they run, while everyone else walks down to the Jazz stage to see them finish and have the vc board meet after (with yet more pear cider).

Wander back to tent to grab jumper but that’s where we stayed due to the rain (noooooooo) so no Back To The Future for me at the cinema. Rain coming in pretty hard, will it be welly weather tomorrow?


And the festival begins (and for the diary it seems like a very quick day, but it was long) and yes I did see Kate Nash (who had a rather large crowd for first band on, not seen the field as busy for first act before) but also saw some of The Subways.

With the rain over night, it’s welly weather and showers occur throughout the day, but nothing major.

Wander off for breakfast, drop past the dance village to have a look and then head to the other stage for Vampire Weekend Leaving them wandered back to the tent quickly and catch some of KT Tunstall and push into the barriers for The Gossip.

We head out of there for some food with the intention of coming back to see The Fratellis, however looking at the time and thinking about who we want to see as headline act we wander back into the dance village and the back of the dance east tent. The tent is packed for Hercules and Love affair but soon clears once they finish and we get front row spot during X-Press 2’s dj set. The crowd start to come in for Roisin Murphy (who did a fantastic set, must get some more of here stuff on CD) and we soon feel a little crowded.

Then the headline – Fatboy Slim – fucking amazing and how I managed to stay at the front for the entire time I don’t know cos I was squashed and my friend got pulled out.

We wander over to Shangri La feeling very tired to see hayseed dixie, but leave after 2 songs, we’re both too tired and sore backs – off to bed – and the ground is getting drier.


Wake up somewhat later today.

We head down to see Shakin’ Stevens open up the day – amazing start! After that there isn’t really anything we want to see until The Raconteurs this evening, so it’s breakfast and then to Jazz World to enjoy more pear cider.

Hear a couple of acts while enjoying another 5 pints, we wander back to the tent rather drunkenly and hear the end of The Raconteurs from there.

Off in search of dinner and our plans for the evening change dramatically.

The plan was to see Hot Chip and Massive Attack, however, we begin to wonder what Jay Z can do at a festival.

So we stay and watch Amy Winehouse and then the man himself.

I have to say I was impressed by him, amazing set and even made a point about everything that was said before the festival and him not being a good headline act.

End of the night I’m shattered and need my bed.

Special video can be found here – 21mb .mov file


It seems everything is starting later and finishing earlier today.

The plan, to see Newton Faulkner, Neil Diamond, Goldfrapp, The Zutons and The Verve.

Having been squashed by the crowd before Amy Winehouse and being near the sound desk I felt a change of plan was needed.

For the first time I’m going to camp out the pyramid stage.

We’ll not get anywhere near the front if we keep coming and going, and we also don’t want to be squashed for the 3rd time, so let’s sit in front of the sound desk, the people can only go in front, not push us from behind.

First up, Martina Toply-bird.

Not great, but a nice chilled start to a chilly day (the clouds are out with breaking sun).

Gilbert O Sullivan next and brings in a crowd and I might even get some of his stuff.

The afternoon really kicks off when Neil Diamond comes on. He gets the entire field moving, that is until a power cut mid song kills all sound.

Power back and he over runs by 20 mins, but I think that’s a good trade off. Sweet Caroline engages the entire field again.

Goldfrapp next and coming on 15 mins late they perform and stonking set and make the festival for me, they had to cut songs though and came off 5 mins late.

Leonard Cohen next and boy is he morbid and boring (well that’s my opinion anyway), but amazing voice. Plays the longest set of the festival at 1 hour 52 mins.

Finally The Verve, and what a way to end the festival, songs from Urban Hymns get the crowd singing away and Bitter Sweet Symphony just keeps going round in my head now.

But wait, the festival doesn’t end with the last headline act on the Pyramid Stage.

I have to get to Trash City and see it in it’s new home, seems everyone has the same idea cos the place is PACKED, and only actually see the first bit as you walk in due to not being able to move anywhere else – will go back next year at a decent time of day and take some pictures.


And now with the festival over it’s time to pack up.

It seems that most people have listened and are clearing up all their stuff.

The litter pickers have been through the pyramid field and it looks fairly clean from our camp spot in Kidney Mead.

The car parks slowly filter through the lanes of Pilton, I think they have put in a new traffic system, the only time I’ve seen these roads in when we had to walk into the festival in 2004 due to the bus park being flooded. Takes an hour to get to the main road, but once there it is fairly clear down the A303 for most of the way.

Stuck in traffic for a bit until getting back into London (bad timing, hit rush hour and it takes forever to get anywhere).

Finally home and catch up with a few bits, watch the overall highlights show on BBC3, and low and behold, there’s my friend and I on telly during Goldfrapp, by the sound desk taking a picture (could they not have waited until later when I was in Euphoria?)

Overall feel of the festival

It was very different for me not to be there with most of my friends this year, hopefully they will come back next year.

There was certainly a different, more chilled vibe to the festival, it didn’t seems to be quite as busy as 2007, but that maybe just because of where I went.

Of course I plan to go next year, but price could well be a big issue.