Glastonbury Festival 2017 Registration Information

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Glastonbury Festival 2017 takes place between Wednesday June 21st and Sunday June 25th.

If you plan to attempt to buy tickets for the festival and have not registered before (or not registered since 2013) then you will need to register with Seetickets.

Important Information

The Seetickets Website is the ONLY place where you can buy tickets.

Any other website selling tickets is selling you a fake ticket.

All tickets are printed with the picture of the person that bought the ticket.

Buying another person’s ticket and trying to gain access to the festival is highly likely to lead to you not getting in.

If you have previously registered and want to look up your details/change any information then click here.

If no details can be found or your photo is no longer a good likeness, please fill out a new registration.

Final Glasto 2011 Ticket Resale

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A final resale of tickets will happen at 7pm on Tuesday 17th of May. This will be the final resale.
You must have previously registered with the festival, registration has NOT reopened.
To check your registration, please visit where you can check until 7pm on Monday the 16th of May.
Tickets will then go on sale at 7pm on Tuesday via or on the phone via 0844 412 4635.
Only a few hundred tickets are on sale and they are expected to sell out very quickly

2011 ticket resale confirmed for 17th April

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The resale of cancelled/refunded tickets for Glastonbury Festival 2011 has been confirmed to be taking place at 9am on Sunday April 17th

Tickets will be available online at and via the Seetickets booking line 0844 412 4635.

It is expected that the number of ticket available will be limited. They will also be limited to 4 tickets per transaction.

In order to purchase tickets in the re-sale, you must be successfully registered by Friday, 15th April. Registration will then close until after the resale. Register online at

If you’re already registered, then you can check your details by visiting as soon as possible (this link will also close before the resale).

Glastonbury 2011 SOLD OUT

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At 1.15pm on Sunday October 3rd, GFL announced that all ticket for Glastonbury Festival 2011 have now Sold out.

Tickets went on sale at 9am, so that’s 4 hours & 15mins.

If you were unsuccessful, the next opportunity to buy tickets will most likely be in April, when the time to pay the balance on deposits has passed

Tickets for Glastonbury 2011 have now sold out. Thanks to everyone who bought one and apologies to those of you who missed out.less than a minute ago via web

A quick Glastonbury Ticket FAQ

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Here are some important Questions & Answers regarding Glastonbury Festival 2011 Tickets

  • When is Glastonbury Festival?

Glastonbury 2011 takes place Wednesday 22nd of June – Sunday 26th of June 2011
Normally, every 5th year is a fallow year, but due to the Olympics, the fallow year has been moved from 2011 to 2012.

The gates will open at 8am on the Wednesday and close at 5pm on the Monday immediately after the festival.
It is likely that, due to it’s success in 2010, the car parks will open on the Tuesday night, immediately before the festival, keep in mind that you will have to sleep in your car, there are only toilet facilities and you will not be allowed to queue. reccommends planning your journey carefully, although the music does not start until the Friday of the festival, the best camping spots fill up very quickly.

  • How do I get tickets?

Tickets for the 2011 Glastonbury Festival have currently Sold Out.

You will be able to book up to 8 tickets per transaction by paying £195 per person, either online at or on the booking line: 0844 412 4635 when a resale of cancelled tickets happens in the Spring of 2011. This will happen at some point soon after the balance payment week has ended.

Please note if you paid a £50 deposit on Sunday October 3rd, the remaining balance will need to be paid during Spring 2011 when the booking site will re-open and you will have a week to pay your balance of £145 per ticket, and to book everything else you might need (tipis, campervan tickets, parking, insurance).

UK ticket balances will be payable in the first week of April 2011 (9am April 1st – 23:59 April 7th).

International ticket balance payments will be taken from 9am (GMT) February 25th until 23:59 (GMT) 3rd March 2011.

Please note that there will be no option to pay your ticket balance or book car and campervan tickets prior to April 1st.

Tickets cost £195 + £5 Booking Fee + £4.95 Postage
Car Park Ticket: £20
Campervan Ticket: £75
Tipis TBA
You may wish to purchase the optional TicketPlan Protection for an additional £4.50 per person when paying the balance for your tickets. Should you be unable to attend the Festival, this may enable you to receive a refund for the face value of your Festival tickets.

Tickets are only available via or via the dedicated phone line – 0844 412 4635.
Anyone aged 13 or over who wishes to buy a ticket MUST be registered.

Please note, you may be asked for additional Visa or Mastercard security information when you buy your tickets online, so it’s best to make sure you’re signed up to your card’s security service before you buy. Please click here if you use Visa, or here for Mastercard/Maestro.

Full ticket details can be found here


  • Where do I register for a ticket?

Please make your registration with SeeTickets via their Glastonbury Registration Website
You will need to provide a passport photo of yourself at time of registration.

  • I’ve registered for a previous festival. Am I still registered?

Possibly. To check to see if you already have a vaild registration number, click here

  • I’ve bought a ticket, how do I track it?

You can track your tickets via the Seetickets ticket tracking service (found here).
You will need your transaction reference number (not your registration number) and your email address or Post Code. If you’ve lost your reference number, there is a retrieval service via the same link.
If you bought tickets over the phone, you must call Seetickets and have your email address added to your order for you to be able to track your tickets.

  • How much will tickets cost?

Tickets cost £195 + £5 Booking Fee + £4.95 – That’s £204.95

  • That’s really expensive, is it worth it?

Hell Yeah! You can expect to pay around the same amount for Reading & Leeds festivals (after the early bird tickets). They have less stages, are not child friendly, don’t allow you to take your own drink into the arenas, have banned flags from the arenas…

Glastonbury Festival doesn’t charge you extra for camping (an extra fee is payable for camper vans), doesn’t charge you extra to arrive early (everyone can arrive from 8am on the Wednesday), has a specific kids area and family camping and is generally said to have a far nicer atmosphere.

Glastonbury Festival is the UK’s biggest music festival, it is attended by people from around the World because of it’s reputation. If you’ve been to other festivals and not Glastonbury, then be prepared for the sheer size of the festival. It’s impossible to take it all in during the weekend (I’ve been 5 times and still have not been everywhere!)

Plus, how many gigs would you go to after paying £200, maybe 7 or 8. You’ll see many more than that for sure.

  • When will the lineup be announced?

This is a tricky one, it used to be in the June just before the festival, then it was May, and now it’s kind of all over the place, but certainly not before tickets have sold out
As soon as we get any info on bands, will let you know.

  • How can I get the info from you in the quickest way?

There are a number of ways you can get info from us.
Firstly, visit the website daily
Secondly, follow on Twitter –
Thirdly, follow us on Facebook
Fourthly, sign up to our newsletter on the frontpage